KATHMANDU: More than 11,100,000 people infected with coronavirus have recovered across the world as of Saturday morning.

Until this news was composed, 220, 556 people recovered in a single day. With this the number of people recovering from the COVID-19 has reached 11,151,328 globally.

This is 63 percent based on the total number of infection cases.

With 281,455 infection cases in a single day, the number of infection cases has reached 17,744,952 globally as of Saturday morning.

According to the latest figures collated by Worldometer, 6,229 people died of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, taking the death toll to 682,192.

Coronavirus has killed 203,319 and infected 2,871,890 people in the European countries. Meanwhile, 1,729,070 have recovered from the coronavirus.

As many as 218,565 have died and 5,515, 321 have been infected from coronavirus in North America. Meanwhile, 2,842,659 have recovered.

Likewise, 96,718 have died and 4,294,701 have been infected from the virus in Asia. Meanwhile, 3,176,240 have recovered from the virus.

South America has witnessed 143,627 deaths and 4,111,907 infection cases, of which 2,816,436 have recovered from the coronavirus.

Similarly, 19,726 have died and 931,764 have been infected in Africa, of which 583,659 have returned home after recovery.

Similarly, 222 have died and 18,648 have been infected in Australia and Oceania. Meanwhile, 11,613 have recovered from the deadly virus.

Broke out in Wuhan City of China, the coronavirus has spread to 113 countries including two international conveyances across the world.

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