KATHMANDU: The remittance went down with the start of the lockdown. Rs 70 billion to 75 billion enters Nepal in normal condition.

But surprisingly, Nepal received the highest amount of remittance during mid-May to mid-June.

A total of Rs 100 billion entered Nepal during this period.

During the period between March 14 to April 12, only Rs 34 billon remittance had entered Nepal.

Nepal Remitters Association has said Rs 100 billion remittance had entered Nepal during the period between mid-May to mid-June.

There might be four reasons behind the sudden increase in remittance during this period. The first reason is that the money stuck during the strict lockdown came during this period, second those who returned home brought all the money they had along with them. Similarly, hundi transaction did not run during this peroid.

The fourth reason is that many Nepali people stranded abroad came back to Nepal as the Nepal government started rescuing Nepali people through charted flights.

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