Kathmandu: The examination of the students of Tribhuvan University has been postponed due to the infection of coronavirus. As the students studying in the annual system have no option of assessment other than the written examination and the study on how to proceed with the semester system examination has just started, there is a situation of confusion about the examination for a few more months. This will directly affect millions of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

University Controller of Examinations Pushparaj Joshi clarified that there is a need to wait for a few more months for the annual examination, adding that the examination will be conducted after the corona infection returns to normal. He said that the students who are studying on an annual basis will be assessed only through written examination for the whole year and no other alternative has been considered immediately.

It is said that the university is conducting a study on the basis on which the semester system will be used and the examination of the students who are currently conducting classes through the online mediums will be conducted.

On the basis of the report given by the study task force formed under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Shivlal Bhusal, the head of education of the university, the examination of the students studying in the semester system and the semester will be decided. University officials have found it difficult to conduct examinations and assessments in the absence of participation of all students in the online classes of the semester system.

Experts suggest that students who are taught on a semester system be offered a final internal exam in the upper semester and then take the exams for both semesters one month apart. In the semester system, the internal assessment of the students is 40 percent and the results are published after 60 percent examination.

Due to this, the study of the students will be continuous but the academic session will not be wasted.

Campus heads have said that it is very challenging to decide about the exam at this time. Balram Thapa, Campus Chief of Public Youth Campus, said that the campus has conducted semester-based classes only on its own initiative.

Krishna Prasad Acharya, Campus Chief of Shankardev Campus, said that the students studying in the semester system of the university can be taken to the upper semester on the basis of internal assessment. He said that students studying online should take the exam through the same medium.

The government had instructed Chaitra to suspend all university examinations on Chaitra 5 after the Corona infection was seen to be on the rise. Following the government’s directive, the university had decided to postpone the examination from Chaitra 7.

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